4.6.11: What you could have for dinner Wednesday!

Each week I have every intention of putting together a meal planner that will help form the shopping list and organize dinners for the whole week….. Didn’t happen this week, again! But I have done it in the past.  Though it does take a bit of time in the beginning, once you have it in place it’s a time-saver.

What I have done recently is organize the recipes I’ve been pulling out of magazines for the past several years. I purchased six 1-inch binders and a packet of sheet protectors and separated recipes by type into each binder. For example: dinners, brunch, kids, and sweets. Honestly, once I had all the materials I needed this took me a couple of hours. But now I can go through each binder and pull the recipes that I will be using for that week. To gather ingredients for the week, in the past I would write out my grocery list. However, I recently discovered an awesome new app good for iPhone and Droid: Grocery IQ, and it’s free! This will let you do just about everything you need when it comes to grocery shopping aside from it doing it for you. Don’t want to type in each item? Included is a bar code scanner so in theory you don’t even need to write out a list of your reoccurring items. Just scan the empty package and it’s stored!

Once I have the week of recipes, I hang them on a hook in the kitchen with a list on the refrigerator of the menu for the week….this way if the husband gets home first and gets inspired he knows what can be made for dinner!

Now, if I could just find an app that would do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning life would be even easier!

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