3.22.11: Travel Tues – Road Trip Bound!

We booked our flights last night for the family reunion back east this summer – I can’t wait! The one thing I can wait for is the 10+ hour drive that we will be doing to get from one family members house to another…with a 3 year old and 9 month old it could be interesting! Not to mention my sister and her 12 year might be joining us. So, I thought that I should research some road trip tips while traveling with kids. Here are some of the suggestions that I found…I will let you know how it goes…we aren’t leaving until July…if you have some ideas in the meantime – let me know! Happy Travels!

  1. DVD Player (you decide beforehand if this will be allowed)
  2. Snacks (Easy to eat and open if you are traveling by yourself and children)
  3. Picture Books & Board Books
  4. Lap Tables (definitely worth it for the older kids) – good for snacks, portable DVD players and drawing
  5. Play Games
    1. “Family Trivia” – ask questions about the family you are going to be visiting. Even better, bring pictures of all the members you are going to visit and “quiz” the kids on names and relations.
  6. Give them a map! (Our big girl loved this when we took a road trip to Canada when she was 2)
  7. Colored Pipe cleaners
  8. Have you kids pack one of their favorite lovies and a blanket
  9. Audiobooks – check them out at your local library before you go
  10. Bubbles – babies and toddlers will love this (try the small containers found at party stores)

Practical Tips

  1. Plan heavy driving time around normal nap times!
  2. Costco Membership? Map out your trip by planning gas stops by the nearest Costco.
  3. Stick to the speed limit and watch your miles per gallon climb!
  4. If your trip is going to be one overnight, pack every family members needs in one bag.
  5. Find rest stops with places for the kids to run around

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