The New Bebe au Lait Reversible Double Bib

Bebe au Lait is proud to introduce our brand-new, brilliantly designed Reversible Double Bib! What makes this bib different from so many of the others out there?

4-Sided design:

This is what makes our bib the most unique and practical on the market. We started with our fashionable patterns to create the outside/front of the bib; then, added a terrycloth backing for the inside/back. We also designed the bib to close in the front. With these unique design features, the bib can be reversed, then reversed again, giving it 4 sides!

The major advantage of this design is that the bib can be used at least four times before needing to be washed. This saves time, water, and the environment. We also think this design makes our bib four times better than any other bib on the market!

Here’s how it works:

The bib has two large sides that cover baby’s chest. The narrow part connecting the two sides goes around the baby’s neck.

To use the first side, simply place side #1 in front of side #2. To use the second side, simply place side #1 behind side #2. When those two sides get dirty, you can flip the bib over, exposing the terrycloth side. Just as with the front of the bib, the back has two more “sides” that cover baby’s chest! To use the third side, place side #3 in front of side #4. To use the fourth side, place side #3 behind side #4.

We know you’re wondering…How does the bib close? How does it stay on the baby?

To make our Reversible Double Bib work, we needed to examine what kind of closure to use. While many bibs on the market rely on various ties, clasps, and Velcro to hold the bib on baby, we knew that our closure would require more elegance and creativity to work with our four-sided design. Of course, it also had to possess the great design that Bebe au Lait is known for.

After much experimentation, we decided that magnets were the answer. In addition to making the bib easy to get on and off, the magnetic closure is virtually invisible for a sleek and modern look.

We are calling our new bib a Mealtime Revolution.

Body: 100% Cotton
Reverse: 100% Cotton Terrycloth
Care: Machine washable

Like all of our products, these bibs feature our exclusive design patterns. Our bibs are available in the following 10 11 styles, with additional designs in the works:

Hot Dots
Mint Chocolate
Shrine Aqua
Shrine Pink
Soft Spot

Award Winning!

The Bebe au Lait Double Reversible Bib has won an iParenting Media Award for its great design and ease of use!

Here is a video showing how it works. Special thanks to our project manager, Priscilla for modeling!

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