About Shannon

shannonShannon Drotar started off an average girl. She grew up in the bay area. Went back east for school. Traveled the world with a backpack. Then she took her Ivy League education to the local brewery, became a cocktail waitress and married the brewer (the highlight of her father’s wedding speech).

Ten years, several jobs, three houses and four kids later, she finds herself crazed, sleep-deprived, perpetually late and blissfully happy. She is a driver, a nurse, a referee, a sometimes chef and often times re-heater, tutor, teacher, family paparazzi, maid, friend, wife, and mom. She stays at home with her four young children and is finally finding a little bit of time to get back to one of her first true loves: writing.

Why I Blog
My son has four hand water-colored baby albums with journaled descriptions of every moment of his first 22 ½ months. His three younger sisters have nothing – although I do have empty albums ready and waiting for two of them.

If I don’t blog, the funny, touching, frustrating, ridiculous and amazing moments of their childhoods (and my motherhood) would be lost into the ever-growing abyss of my “baby brain.” Writing keeps me sane and makes me laugh.