About Sarah R.

Sarah Robinson has lived her entire life in the Bay Area and currently resides just three miles from her childhood home. Her nine year old daughter, infant son, and loving husband keep her busy as well as her CFO position at the successful company she started with her husband. When her daughter was a baby she worked full time. Today, however, she is trying the work-from-home lifestyle and realizes both present challenges. When not working, Sarah juggles her time as a mom, home and school club volunteer, tennis player, book club devotee, scrap booker, dinner coordinator, and shuttle driver.

Why I blog: I love any form of communication. Though I have to admit my favorite form of communication is chatting with my girlfriends, with or without a glass of wine.  So much of motherhood flashes before us due to lack of sleep and juggling schedules. Blogging will give me a record of my journey as a mother and that is something I will treasure for years to come.