About Bebe au Lait

Bebe au Lait White Eyelet Nursing Cover
Bebe au Lait White Eyelet Nursing Cover

A Baby is Born, an Idea is Born.
When Claire Ekelund gave birth to her second daughter in 2003, she was proud to be an active nursing mom but recognized that, once again, nursing in public was going to be challenging. Like many nursing moms on-the-go, Claire was quickly reminded of how difficult it is to gracefully feed a wriggling baby and hold a blanket in position. She searched high and low for a solution, but found that nursing covers on the market at the time were clinical, impractical, and difficult to find. Leaving the room to feed Baby in privacy seemed the only alternative, yet this was not always an option.

First Steps.
As a modern nursing mom, Claire became increasingly convinced that there was a way to cover Baby and Mother with ease and style allowing Mom to breastfeed whenever and wherever she needed to.

Claire decided to create her own nursing cover, the Hooter Hider (dubbed so by an outspoken male friend): an easy-to-use, machine washable, multi-purpose stylish cover designed with Baby and Mom in mind. The difference between the patent-pending Hooter Hider and other nursing covers is the rigid neckline allowing Mom and Baby unobstructed eye contact during feeding and other thoughtful features such as a small-item storage and clean-up pocket made from the softest terry cloth. Mom sees Baby…Baby sees Mom…discreet…on-the-spot cleanup…perfect!

Thoughtfully crafted and stylish, friends and family — along with strangers in the park, restaurants and soccer games — took notice and asked where they could find their own. It wasn’t long before business-savvy Ronnie, Claire’s husband, decided this was the perfect opportunity for the couple to work together. They created a company from the ground-up by providing parents with baby products original in design and superior in quality.

Hooter Hiders was an immediate sensation and gained overnight publicity and fame. Highlighted in popular magazines such as US Weekly, People, Fit Pregnancy and VanityFair.com and owned by Hollywood mommies Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler, Mira Sorvino and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Hooter Hiders were in demand!

All Grown-up.
For almost 2 years the company was called Hooter Hiders. However, as the business grew, Ronnie and Claire felt the company needed a more refined name to reflect the sophisticated elegance and good taste the company strives to embody: Bebe au Lait. The already loyal following of Hooter Hider fans, however, called and emailed, “It will always be the Hooter Hider to us!” One customer called just to make sure that the Hooter Hiders logo would still be available when she had her baby – which she was yet to conceive!

For that reason, the beloved name was kept and now the same fashion-forward nursing covers sell under two brand names: Hooter Hiders for the tongue-in-cheek and Bebe au Lait for mommy chic. All fabrics are hand-selected and expertly designed with chic moms in mind. Their passion to create and innovate the most beautiful and functional parenting products on the market has most recently produced Simple by Bebe au Lait, a range of 100% certified organic fabrics in savvy solid colors, and Monaco by Bebe au Lait, a silk line of nursing covers that fold up into coordinating black clutches. All of these, and more, can be found in Bebe au Lait’s online shop and in upscale maternity and baby boutiques worldwide.

Breastfeeding is something to be proud of. Bebe au Lait allows modern moms to do so wherever and whenever, in style.

The Owners.
Bebe au Lait is privately owned and operated by husband and wife team Ronnie and Claire Ekelund. Claire, who is a native of England, came to the United States with Danish-born Ronnie when his international professional soccer career called him stateside. Now, with three wonderful daughters, the Ekelunds are happy to call the beautiful town of Los Gatos, California, home.